Vaccinated: One Man’s Quest to Defeat the World’s Deadliest Diseases

By Emily Yox, MPH Program Analyst, Global Health

Each month, NACCHO will bring you a new public health book, read and reviewed by NACCHO staff. We hope to provide a well-rounded reading list that you will find enjoyable as well as informative.

Vaccinated, by Paul Offit tells the incredible story of Maurice Hilleman, aptly named the father of modern vaccines. Despite his significant influence in the field of immunization, Hilleman is not as well-known as his impact would predict him to be. Vaccinated tells the story of Hilleman’s daughter, Jeryl getting the mumps as a child, and how that led to the development of the modern mumps vaccine, starting as a father’s determination to help his child. It goes on to discuss the numerous other vaccines that Hilleman played a role in developing, and covers with care, the recent anti-vaccination movement that is growing across the United States.

This is the second book by Paul Offit that I have recommended and likely won’t be the last. His ability to cover complex topics in a thoughtful and interesting way is unparalleled in my opinion.

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