Results from NACCHO’s 2018 Member Satisfaction Survey

Earlier this year, NACCHO launched the Member Satisfaction Survey in support of our commitment to continuous quality improvement. Nearly 450 members responded to the survey to share their perspectives about the ways in which NACCHO can continue working toward our vision of optimal health, equity, and security for all people in all communities. Results from the survey found that NACCHO has been a valuable resource for local health departments nationwide. Three highlights from the survey findings include:

  1. NACCHO provides important and effective services. Approximately 90% of survey respondents indicated it was important for NACCHO to raise awareness about public health at the local and national levels, be the voice for local health departments at the national level, and provide useful tools for local public health practice. Furthermore, NACCHO most effectively provides timely information about federal legislation and regulation, hosts national conferences, and provides up-to-date information and analysis on public health topics.

“Our local health department would not be as engaged as it is today . . .
without the relationships built through those associated [with] NACCHO.”

  1. Members value NACCHO’s resources and programs. More than 70% of survey respondents are satisfied with their NACCHO membership, indicating its value is equal or greater than its cost! They engage with NACCHO through publications, the website, and national conferences. However, respondents cited needing more information about some ways to get involved, such as requesting support through NACCHO Consulting, networking with peers on the Virtual Communities, and adopting the national identity with the Public Health Logo. In the future, members also want to access more tools and education, apply for more funding opportunities, and receive more technical assistance from NACCHO.


Here are five quick and easy ways to engage with NACCHO today:

  1. NACCHO has many exciting opportunities to support local health departments. Local public health agencies are challenged by insufficient funding, limited staffing, and the push to modernize. In addition, changing public health priorities stress the system. To address these concerns, members cited needing widely available funding opportunities, including grants focused on Public Health 3.0 efforts. Furthermore, local health departments need resources to combat substance use, chronic disease, and mental and behavioral health issues. In addition, nearly 80% of survey respondents indicated their agencies may benefit from training on leadership development, program evaluation, and community mobilization. Finally, NACCHO is well-positioned to continue developing effective engagement strategies with federal legislators and educating leaders about the role of local health departments in public health.

Overall, NACCHO’s support of local health departments of all sizes has been critical to the success of public health agencies across the nation.

“NACCHO has been the glue that keeps public health on the forefront.”

For more information about the 2018 Member Satisfaction Survey, please contact NACCHO’s Research and Evaluation Team at or Membership Team at