NACCHO Introduces LHD of the Year Award

By Ivey Wohlfeld, Project Management Associate, NACCHO

starIs your local health department (LHD) using technology and data to achieve meaningful health outcomes and promote health in your community? Your LHD could be NACCHO’s 2013 Local Health Department of the Year. The new award, announced earlier this week, honors the outstanding accomplishments of LHDs.

Every year, NACCHO will recognize LHDs’ exceptional accomplishments related to a specific theme chosen by members of the Awards Committee, comprised of NACCHO past presidents. The theme for 2013 is technology and data. Applicants should describe how their LHD is using technology or data to generate meaningful information and improve public health.

LHDs will be judged on their impact on their communities, health improvement, originality, and overall contribution to promoting public health. Applications will be reviewed by the Awards Committee in collaboration with subject matter experts. Applicants will need to ensure their membership is in good standing with NACCHO.

Winners will be awarded in three categories based on the size of the population their LHD serves: Small (up to 49,999), Medium (50,000–499,999), and Large (500,000 and above). LHDs will be recognized at various levels—Gold, Silver, Bronze, and honorable mentions. Award recipients will be notified in June and will be recognized at the 2013 NACCHO Annual Conference in Dallas at the Grand Award Ceremony on July 11.

As the only association that serves and represents LHDs and local health officials, NACCHO is well positioned to recognize the work and impact of LHDs. The award is different from NACCHO’s Model Practices Program in that LHDs will be recognized at different size levels and for work that is valuable to them and their communities. The work does not necessarily need to be new, innovative, or replicable, qualities that are essential to a Model Practice. The LHD can also describe work that is currently in progress as it works to improve health outcomes in their community.

NACCHO is excited to review applications and nationally recognize LHDs for their great work. Applications are due by May 31. Learn more and apply at the LHD of the Year webpage.

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